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We are proud to be part of the Learning Away Campaign which aims for residential experiences to be an entitlement for every child and not just an enrichment for those whose parents can afford it. We all believe that Brilliant Residentials are school trips with at least one overnight stay, which are:

  • fully integrated with the school curriculum and ethos
  • designed and led by teachers and, where appropriate, students
  • inclusive and affordable for all student
  • deliberately and collaboratively planned to meet students’ specific learning needs, and to embed and reinforce learning back in school
  • part of a progressive programme of experiences
  • designed to include a wide range of new and memorable experiences
  • designed to allow space for students to develop collaborative relationships with both peers and staff
  • evaluated rigorously
  • supported by senior leadership and school governors.

York Consulting were the independent evaluators for the first phase of Learning Away. Their final report confirmed that, through brilliant residentials as described above, schools can achieve significant breakthroughs in learner engagement, attainment and progress, teacher-student relationships, and wider school cohesion.

To do this at Allnatt, we have used our vast experience and forward thinking to create the :

Residential Learning Journey

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