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Tree climbing is a risky play activity that has many benefits for the developing child. The thrill of climbing trees and its benefits far outweigh the fear of climbing trees and its inherent risks.  The physical challenge creates a boost to a child’s self-esteem and the feeling of accomplishment.

There is also a mental challenge to climbing trees. Focusing on “solving the problem” of how to get up the tree creates a resilient “I can do it” attitude when faced with both mental and physical problems in the future.



At East Dene you can climb with Goodleaf who have recently been added to the #SmallBiz100 for 2019.  “The Small Biz 100 features a range of unique independent businesses each contributing to their communities and offering something different.”

  1. Climbing trees can help develop physical strength.

  2. Tree climbing helps develop focus and concentration.

  3. Climbing trees can boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

  4. Tree climbing is an excellent motor skill activity for physical development.

  5. Climbing trees can help children become more flexible in body and mind.

  6. When you climb trees you form new more complex neural networks in the brain.

  7. Tree climbing helps develop a resilient “I can do it” attitude.

  8. Climbing trees helps children become problem solvers.

  9. Tree climbing helps us develop a better connection with ourselves.

  10. Climbing trees provides a rich sensory experience for the developing child.

  11. Tree climbing helps us learn to think for ourselves and feel confident about the choices we make.

  12. Climbing a tree can help develop strong spatial reasoning skills.

  13. Tree climbing is a great way to strengthen the mind and the will.

  14. Climbing trees helps us connect with nature.

  15. You get a great view!
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