Our Company has operated since 1924, always retaining family values, and being child centred. We have positively affected the lives of thousands of children from all over the world including royalty and the children of celebrities.

When we started to write our current portfolio of residential programmes we decided to base them on a clear blend of concepts: Education, Inspiration and Play! Today they are especially relevant.


When children are born they are curious and inquisitive and need to make sense of the world they have been born into. Their first searches are essentially sensory and experiential and they learn at an incredible speed. It is our responsibility as educators to create an atmosphere where we can continue to nurture their natural desire to learn. At its most basic education aims to give children the skills and knowledge they need to become mature employable adults. This includes literacy and numeracy as well as the ability to complete tasks and work effectively with others. Eleanor Roosevelt famously said that education is essential to good citizenship and education is important to life because it enables people to contribute to their community and country. We also believe education should help children to find their way in their emotional world and help them to become confident in themselves and their own identity, and find vocational fulfilment too. This can include technology which also helps them to make sense of the world they inhabit and will have future responsibility for. However, it is well documented that children are becoming increasingly separated from nature and not only is this worrying for their personal health but also for the future of the planet. We are passionate about working with our partner schools to provide a life changing opportunity to complement classroom education.


Not only do we want children to learn about themselves and  their responsibilities, we we want them to do something useful and positive. This happens when they are inspired! We recognise that they have a mind that thinks and also a mind that feels, and it is so important that they are able to express their feelings without judgement or ridicule. They need to experience the awe and wonder of life and where better than by the sea with all its wonderful moods. They can begin to ask the “big “ questions and even challenge some adult thinking. Sometimes we can link an inspired moment to spirituality: a sense of something bigger than ourselves. This might come from studying a food chain in a rock pool, the catastrophic effects of coastal erosion, or the disastrous effects of throwing plastic rubbish into the sea.

It’s that moment when a child can exclaim “I did it”, “I get it now”, “I want to change this when I get home”….


Many people associate play with Early Years Learning where it is strongly encouraged and developed. However we have strongly advocated Play for all ages and it plays an integral part in our staff training! It is often quoted that “we don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”. Play is often considered as frivolous and purely for recreation but if you watch someone playing, they can be intently focused especially if the play is structured and has an objective goal as in a game. However games are now being primarily associated with indoor handheld screens and it is our wish to engage children in physical outdoor games which will enhance their health, and environmental games which will help them understand and gain empathy for the natural world. Sometimes, especially on the beach, we just play games! As well as structured play we also believe in Creative Play ; the inventive play which young children will do quite naturally but often stop when their creations are judged against an external benchmark. Creative play gives the opportunity to try something simply to see if it works and if it doesn’t, to try a different way.