“Our vision for the future is to provide brilliant residentials, both indoor and outdoor,  all the year round and further increase our permanent team of people with exceptional knowledge and experience who will make a positive contribution to society.”

Joseph Allnatt was the brother of Major AE Allnatt who owned the famous Allnatt Diamond. Both were property millionaires and philanthropists. When Joseph bought a disused aerodrome in St Mary’s Bay in Kent, he had vision.

He saw the run down property converted into accommodation which would buzz with children and young people from different localities and social classes getting to know each other and having an educational and fun time together. Soon St Mary’s Bay Holiday Camp opened and quickly became incredibly popular and respected with regular visits from the Duke of York who fully embraced the vision.

A true entrepreneur, Joseph ran the camp as a Turkey Farm during the empty winter months, competing with Bernard Matthews and supplying a turkey to 10 Downing St for Christmas Lunch.

The camp was renamed the School Journey Centre and even today we meet grandparents of our current school children who fondly remember their first residential trip away from home.

Today we have two smaller Centres with more modern facilities offering the same experience : to discover a new exciting location away from home, where children and students can grow in confidence, learn new skills and increase their knowledge about the world they live in. Allnatt Swanage is in Dorset on the world famous Jurassic Coast and Allnatt East Dene is on the beautiful Isle of Wight .

“We continue to operate with vision, always planning ahead and developing our ways of engaging with young people in a meaningful and positive way.”

Our senior team present a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with children and young people from all walks of life, from the UK and from overseas. We help prepare for exams, celebrate after SATS are over, engage students in the National Citizenship Service and help guide children through transition. The team are also skilled in working with schools to provide progression in quality out of the classroom learning experiences.

“Ten years ago our vision led us to create and develop a diverse and complementary group of products at weekends and during the school holidays.”

We are proud to host superb wedding receptions, much sought after Freedom Family holidays for families living with autism, Stop and Stay Weekends for a host of groups and extended families as well as support a number of charitable organisations. At the heart of all we do is our integrity. This is reflected in our dealings with our staff, our customers, our suppliers, and the communities in which we operate. We aim to be honest and transparent towards all who have a right to understand our ethos.