Covid19 – Company Statement

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As your trusted Residential Provider you can be reassured that we have risk assessed the possibility of coronavirus impacting on our Centres and that we have put into place all recommended control measures. We are, of course, monitoring the situation on a daily basis and taking all advice from Government, PHE, NHS and OEAP.

So far it has had minimal impact on our Centres but I am fully aware of the need to keep on top of a dynamic situation and the various responses needed to protect our visitors and staff.

To date, we have:
  1. Instilled into our own staff  the recommended practice of regular 20 second hand washing.
  2. Installed additional hand sanitisers and anti bacterial soap throughout our buildings. All customers on arrival will be advised to use the hand sanitisers at the entrance to each building, and throughout their stay. This will be re iterated to customers during their ‘Welcome Talk’.
  3. Provided tissues and  anti bacterial wipes, and lidded bins for their disposal after use.
  4. Confirmed that we have no groups visiting us from  infected areas.
  5. Confirmed that none of our staff has visited an infected area in the last two weeks.
  6. Checked regularly that none of our staff has been in contact with anyone from an infected Area or a diagnosed person.
  7. Provided an isolation room should any of our visitors develop symptoms during their stay with us, prior to being collected and taken home by parents, carers or taxi.
  8. Reviewed our cleaning processes to ensure the highest standards of deep clean hygiene are maintained during and after each group’s stay.

Please do contact your Centre direct if you have any concerns.

Denea Wright
Managing Director
10th March 2020


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