Your Residential Outdoor Learning Journey

  • School


    Every programme starts and finishes in school. The children are fully involved in the planning and preparation at the beginning, including resources for use when they spot a landmark on the journey. Back at school they are involved in the evaluation and integration of learning back at school.

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  • Orientation


    This sets the scene for learning by establishing the boundaries and explaining the Centre systems. It concludes with the first exciting visit to the beach.

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  • Fizzical Fun

    Fizzical Fun

    On the first evening, we have a number of games which are designed purely and simply to allow the children to let off steam and burn off some energy before bedtime.

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  • Sensory Awareness

    Sensory Awareness

    Most of us tend to take our senses for granted but outdoors they come alive as we smell the sea, feel the wind on our faces, gaze at wonderful views and hear sounds usually drowned out by traffic or headphones! We have developed some unique ways of helping the children to engage with their senses and then with nature.

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  • Personal skills

    Personal skills

    We all gain confidence as we learn new skills and we provide a variety of sessions including archery, bushcraft, climbing, navigation and water skills to enable this to happen for every child.

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  • Team building

    Team building

    Interaction and communication are especially important in  the developing world of technology and we provide some coastal themed teamwork  tasks as well as classic team building to encourage the children to work together. We also allow the children to fail so that they can re-think how to approach the tasks in a better way together thus developing resilience and perseverance.

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  • Fieldwork focus

    Fieldwork focus

    All our activities are deeply rooted in the environment so that we play in harmony with the flora and fauna of the local habitats. We also strongly believe in children connecting with the locality they are visiting and we teach them about the geography and history as well as some of the current issues facing seaside resorts. This module is an important contribution to citizenship understanding.

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  • Creative Play

    Creative Play

    There is an element of play in most of our sessions as we all know that children learn best when they are having fun. In this session we step back from directed teaching and facilitate the opportunity for children to be creative and come up with their own ideas. It could be den building, sand sculptures, or making music and is a special element of the residential when we have time to allow the children just to be children again.

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  • Trailblaze


    This is a full day or half day  expedition into the “Great Outdoors” where the children are involved in the planning  and preparation and then immersed in the journey. They will need to remember and apply many of the skills they have learnt so far. There are challenges to overcome,  wide open spaces to enjoy,  plenty of fresh air and usually an ice cream stop at the final destination.

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  • Celebration


    What better way to celebrate being and achieving together than around a traditional campfire? Allnatt started Campfires in 1924 and have been celebrating ever since?

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  • Reflection


    This is another special Allnatt session where we encourage the children to be still and quietly think about what they have individually achieved from the residential. It may be around a small fire or a circle of light on the beach ; we create an atmosphere of trust where children can share how they have felt about the whole experience.

    Your journey doesn’t stop here, you can continue to develop all the skills you have gained at school.

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