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We love to toast Marshmallows

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It’s Autumn already and what better way to keep cosy warm than by lighting a campfire, gathering around and toasting some Marshmallows.

If you missed National Marshmallow Day (don’t panic, so did we) how about seizing the moment now. Try lighting a fire and gathering around it at the end of a busy day. It’s a fun way to relax and share stories with each other and maybe sing a song or two.

Sitting around a campfire in the relaxed and friendly setting at Allnatt is an ideal opportunity to reflect on your experiences during the day – the challenges, the achievements, what was learnt and the time shared with friends. Its fantastic to hear children talk about what they liked, what they didn’t, how they might do things differently, how they conquered their fears and what they will take home with them to the School environment.

It is also a great opportunity to Toast Marshmallows too! And of course back at School you can make Marshmallow Cupcakes, Cones, Drop them in Hot Chocolate, serve up S’Mores or if you are  lucky enough to have an Outdoor Learning area just toast them over a fire. Yum!

The Marshmallow: A Brief History

Originally, marshmallows were made from the sweet sap of the mallow plant that grew in salty marshes near large bodies of water, hence The Marsh Mallow. Ancient Egyptians harvested this gooey, delicious stuff and used it to make sticky toffee and sweets similar to the marshmallow we enjoy today. It was a special treat reserved just for Royalty.

The type of marshmallow we know and love these days first emerged during the mid 19th century. Today’s marshmallows are less of a mallow plant and more of a sweet concoction of corn syrup or sugar, gelatin,  arabic gum and flavoring (Don’t let that put you off though). Nobody knows who first put a marshmallow on a stick and put it over a fire and toasted it but we think it was an inspired idea.

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