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New Team Members Flock to East Dene

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Say Hello to Diana, Florence, Mary, Betty, Barbara and Cindy. We took delivery of our Six chickens just before Easter and they have settled in fabulously. Our guests have already helped round up escapee’s, feed corn to them and enjoyed watching them sort out the pecking order in their Coop.

Chickens not only make a great addition to our Team, they also contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. They are a wonderful way for children to learn about responsibility for other living things – and to know where their morning egg comes from! More and more people want to be more connected to nature, know where things come from and how things are made. We are able to add bedding straw to our compost heaps, ‘recycle’ our veggie peelings and best of all, we get Yummy Eggs!

We know that having a flock – no matter how small – is a great experience and we look forward to lots of fun with Six happy chickens.


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