Our Secondary School programmes really deliver value for money with a range of outdoor adventure activities and team focused sessions designed to build confidence, develop personal skills and deliver learning that you can take away with you. We pride ourselves on our long term school partnerships and a school near you will already have benefited from one our educationally rich programmes.

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Encouraging team building, promoting physical exercise and developing health and well being

Our programmes are the ideal way to encourage team building, promote physical exercise, develop health and well being and getting your students to think on the inside and learn on the outside. You can fly on the trapeze, build bridges, kayak, paddleboard or bring your students to classic locations for a Field Studies course and explore a variety of landscapes and environments. It’s this blend of education and adventure that makes us different.

Transition to Secondary School

The process of moving from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3, represents a crucially important stage in every child’s educational development. They can suddenly find themselves “lost” in a big new environment where everything can seem anonymous and even a little frightening. Our Centres can provide a tailored programme where the activities are designed to help children recognise that change is challenging. We hope to show that it is part of growing up and that how it affects them is a normal part of the transition from Primary to Secondary School. The key to the programme’s success is the directed Reflection session which ensures the learning experiences are taken forward. The benefits will be felt throughout the academic year as the children will feel supported, safe, happy and more confident.

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