Summer Term means yummy Summer food!

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It’s time to swop Hot Chocolate for Pressed Juice, Hearty Casseroles for Salads and Welcome in the Summer Term.

Everything we do is focused on making tasty, nutritious meals that children love. Our menus change seasonally, with a meat, vegetarian or vegan option every day.



Robert Turner, Head of Catering at our Isle of Wight Centre says “ Throughout the year we work with local suppliers to choose ingredients that match our customers needs: that means we get the pick of the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious food available to us.

We have great relationships with local suppliers and we use them wherever possible for our menu’s. We get our meat and poultry from WA Food (Shanklin) who source from a range of local farms; fish from Haven Fishery (Ventnor); fruit and vegetables from DJ Hunts (Rookley), Spring Water from Wight Crystal (Newport); Bread & Scones from Calbourne Bakery (Calbourne); baking goods from the Handmade Cake Company (Maidenhead) and dried and frozen goods from Medina Foods (Newport).

There are always ingredients we’ll need all year round that aren’t always available or possible to grow or source locally, gluten free items are a good example of that, but wherever possible we’ll buy from a local supplier to support the local economy”.



As well as all that, we are working hard to minimise our impact through our Kitchens at both of our residential Centres.

We are keen to encourage as much recycling as possible at our centres and are giving our bins a sticker ‘make over’ to help them appeal to, and encourage our, younger customers to ‘Bin it carefully’.

We have recently changed our approach and purchasing of plastic knives, forks, salad tubs, disposable cups and straws away from single use plastics to sustainables like wood and compostables.

Find information on allergens and our latest menu’s here

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