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The hard work is nearing an end in the Hazel Coppice

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As part of our continual improvements to our native woodland at East Dene Jamie and Matt have been coppicing the hazel ready for the young shoots to appear in the spring.

The coppice ‘walls’ are put there to stop children from falling over stumps so that they can still enjoy exploring the woodland environment and it protects the new shoots from all those little feet, so that they have the opportunity to grow.

Hazel, also known as Corylus avellana, is an important tree for us as our red squirrels, dormice, woodpeckers and other wildlife rely on the hazel nuts. Coppicing also provides shelter for ground-nesting birds such as the nightingale, nightjar, yellowhammer and willow warbler; we are yet to see any Willow Warblers this year but are keeping our eyes peeled!

At East Dene it is important to us that our woods are a safe and inviting environment to educate and inspire young (and older) minds in so be sure to book a programme using the environment such as junk drumming, bushcraft or den building.

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