What an Amazing find at Studland Beach!

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Last spotted in October 2017, we were lucky enough to find a Spiny Seahorse on the shore at Studland Bay. West Witney Primary were enjoying a well earned ice cream after a TrailBlaze to Studland when they spotted a slightly different looking bit of seaweed. Whilst this little guy didn’t quite make it is an amazing find.



Zoe Taylor, our Fieldwork Coordinator, said “ It’s a very very exciting find, they are very rare and as it was only a young one it is a good sign that there is a breeding population in the Bay. The National Trust and Dorset Wildlife Trust have been notified. Hopefully this will means better protection for the population of this special creature and its habitat  in the Bay!”

Dorset Wildlife Trust said “It’s sad that this one didn’t make it but it’s a great sign they are breeding in the area.” 

Studland bay was previously recommended as a Marine Conservation Zone but not selected. In 2008, about 40 spiny seahorses were recorded in Studland Bay, but none had been spotted there since early 2015 until late 2017. Conservationists say it is damage to the seahorse habitat – the seagrass – and its fragmentation which caused the sudden decline. Let’s hope that the population is starting to recover.

Find out more about Studlands Seahorses at The Seahorse Trust 

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